#3. ABCDE of life

It is funny how my kids can speak 1 to 10 in Mandarin better than I do. I am sure with so much technology development things will never be the same. Perhaps coding will become a normal subject in an elementary school.

Will my thoughts, values, and thinking still be relevant for them? Things changed rapidly and my hope is I can inspire my kids with something valuable. They say nothing beats experience. So what should I share?

ABCDE of life.

I realized why I am what I am today is because of the small things my parents and teachers have thought me again, again, and again. For me, I called them as the ABCDE of my life. When my pap again and again thought about humility, my mom about pray daily, my teachers about don’t be late, …..be tidy, always be positive, be quickly, and so on and so forth. I believe success is not only due to certain big actions in your life (e.g. Choosing the right school, wife, work, etc) but more influenced by habitual small actions that became who you are subconsciously.

I admitted miracles in my life are more because small changes that I made after knowing the tips itself. For example I owe a lot to several bible teachers in my teen years, to Steven Covey 7 habit training, to few of my bosses (e.g. A smart expat I have been working for 8 years), and of course my family and close friends.

The other way around is I believe you can create miracles by doing small incremental things and not just taking big shots. Experts say the best diet is using the small incremental strategy ( I lost 10 kg in three month) and a friend who sucked in sports now ran several marathons because of a hilarious challenge by his boss.

I then wonder what is the ABCDE of life that God wants me to embrace as my habits? We all need to change right?

Q1. What is your ABCDE of life i.e. Your valuable small habits that makes you who you are today? Who do you owe them from?

Q2. What do you think the ABCDE of life that God wants us to do? Why?

Of course there are many answers to these questions. But my take on it are as follows (English and Indonesian acronyms)

A. “Am with Christ” or “Aku bersama Tuhan”
B. “Be Wiser” or “Bijaksana”
C. “Conscious you are God’s servant” or “Cuma hamba Tuhan”
D. “Don’t speak (too much) but pray” or “Diam dan Doa”
E. “Enthusiastic about life” or “Energetik”

I will cover each of this in our next blog.

I encourage you to share your ABCDE of life to other people by leaving your comments below.

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